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Smart home application


Smart home application

Smart home application
Description of the program:
The scale of China's smart home market will show a trend of rapid growth in the next few years. Smart home equipment applications cover all areas of people's work and life, such as smart door locks, intelligent monitoring, intelligent burglar alarms and so on. In terms of the safety and reliability of the intelligent door lock, the gear motor is implanted in the lock cylinder system to ensure the reliability of the unlocking, the lock speed and the safety of the door lock are lifted, and the lock cylinder has a long service life. In the smart home door lock motor control system, the door lock gear motor can directly cooperate with the lock cylinder in the lock core system to form the system rear intelligent lock control board, and has made special defense measures against electromagnetic interference, and tests through different powers. The electromagnetic interference and various failure analysis solutions can achieve anti-interference and anti-magnetic, smart door lock short circuit will not be broken, and will not open the door for strangers.